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Early Warning Score


The National Early Warning Score (MEWS) and associated Education Programme - COMPASS is now in operation in the HSE. This is a significant development internationally as Ireland is the first country to agree a National Early Warning Score. Patient safety and quality are central to the delivery of healthcare, and the HSE, among others, is a signatory to the 'Patient Safety First' declaration of commitment. Education.

The education programme recommended by the HSE is the COMPASS programme and is available to healthcare staff such as doctors, nurses and therapy professionals free of charge on the HSE website. The programme has been modified to suit the Irish health care system with the kind permission of ACT Health, Australia. ISBAR Communication Tool Effective communication and team work among clinicians is an essential requirement for recognising and responding to clinical deterioration. Standardised reporting and safety checklists – improve communication. Poor communication has been identified as a contributing factor to adverse incidents where clinical deterioration is not identified or properly managed. The recommended communication tool for healthcare professionals, when communicating in relation to the deteriorating patient, is the upgraded version namely ISBAR – (I = Identify yourself, S= Situation, B= Background, A= Assessment, R= Recommendation).

For further information, click here (Guiding Framework, Education Programme Materials etc) or go the following website: