Tobacco Control Framework - Tobacco Free Ireland

Tobacco Control Framework - Tobacco Free Ireland

The Tobacco Control Framework document was developed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) Tobacco Control Framework project group guided by a national steering group in order to inform HSE policy and provide a coherent HSE approach to tobacco use in Ireland. It was launched in March 2010 and detailed a series of actions to be progressed over the following five years. In developing the Tobacco Control Framework, a population health approach was considered as outlined in the HSE’s Population Health Strategy.

The framework had six national standards based on the WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2008. That report outlines the MPOWER package, a package of the

six most important, effective and evidence based tobacco control policies which are:

Monitoring of tobacco use and prevention policies,

Protecting people from second-hand smoke,

Offering help to people who want to quit,

Warning of the dangers of tobacco,

Enforcing bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and

Raising taxes on tobacco.

Please see copy of Tobacco Control Framework - Tobacco Free Ireland

The Tobacco Free Ireland policy was published by the Department of Health in October 2013 and should be considered within the Healthy Ireland Framework 2013- 2025. It acknowledges that health is the responsibility of all sectors in society and that sustainable arrangements are needed to give effect to this change.

The high levels of smoking in Ireland require a more concerted effort to support the continued development of a tobacco free society where people can live longer and healthier lives free from the detrimental effects of tobacco. The direction given in this policy report seeks to de-normalise tobacco within Irish society, reduce initiation rates, assist smokers to quit, protect non-smokers, especially children, from the effects of second-hand smoke, by building on a stable policy and legislative framework.

Please see copy of the Policy and the Action plan for delivery published in March 2014.

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