Legislation and Responsibilities


Statutory Instrument 478 (2002) (Irish Statute Book)

Statutory Instrument 303 (2007) (Irish Statute Book)

Statutory Instrument 459 (2010) (Irish Statute Book)

Council Directive 97/43 EURATOM (Irish Statute Book)

General Guidance on Responsibilities in SI 478/ SI 303/SI 459

The National Baseline Audits conducted in 2008 in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Dentistry and Radiotherapy in 2008 recommended that “The HSE and the National Radiation Safety Committee should clarify and promote the requirements of SI 478 and ensure that all Holders of ionising radiation equipment are aware of these”. 

A document was produced as an initial guidance from the National Radiation Safety Committee to Holders of Medical/Dental Ionising Radiation Equipment in Ireland.  It addresses some of the key responsibilities of Holders to assist them to comply with the relative provisions of the regulations.  It also provides some advice on implementation issues, such as governance structures. 

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This document is intended to act as a guideline to the regulations.  It must be read in conjunction with the regulations referred to above and other laws, regulations or other responsibilities attaching to these roles.  It does not purport to be comprehensive or to be a legal interpretation or to constitute legal or professional advice.  Further guidance documents and changes in the regulations can be expected in the future that will necessitate the update of this guidance in due course.  The advice given is wide-ranging and does not undermine an employer’s legal responsibilities for implementing compliant local procedures.


Guidance on the Role of the Medical Physics Expert (MPE) in Dentistry

All radiological practices are required to engage the expertise of a Medical Physics Expert (MPE). The NRSC established a subcommittee to make recommendations on the definition of a MPE and define the role of a MPE in Dentistry. Its recommendations were published in 2009. Developments are underway to establish a voluntary register of MPEs from which dentists can select a MPE.

Report of the Subcommittee on the Role of MPE in Dentistry