The Behaviours

Values in Action is based on nine behaviours that reflect our values of care, compassion, trust and learning combined with a grassroots approach to spreading change. This approach is similar to the ‘Hello my name is…’ campaign founded by Dr. Kate Granger. 

Values in Action focuses on behaviours because behaviours are something people do.  People understand what is meant by them and everyone can adopt them. We learn our behaviours by copying those around us. 

We have developed 9 key behaviours that reflect the 3 dimensions in our working lives -
the individual dimension
the work dimension and 
the patient dimension.  

They are a guide for us all on how to be the best version of ourselves – as individuals, with our colleagues and with our patients.   Through Values in Action we can create a better working environment for our staff and deliver better experiences to our patients and service users. 


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