Healthy Ireland in the Health Services - Implementation Plan 2015-2017

Healthy Ireland in the Health Services

The HSE has published ‘Healthy Ireland in the Health Services’ – an implementation plan for the Healthy Ireland Framework specifically focuses on the HSE, our workforce, our services and the people we care for. 

‘Healthy Ireland in the Health Services’ has identified three clear strategic priorities for action, because in one way or another, every part of the health service is engaged in improving health and wellbeing. The plan outlines a sector-wide focus on

  1. System Reform - ensuring that we deliver the significant reforms which are underway to support a better health system
  2. Reducing Chronic Disease - the biggest risk to our population’s health and our services
  3. Staff Health and Wellbeing  - ensuring we have a resilient and healthy workforce


The implementation plan is packaged to support both national and local level implementation, with actions which require leadership and commitment at corporate level, and more detailed actions for implementation locally. This Plan is about all of us working together to create an environment that improves health and wellbeing.

Read or Download Healthy Ireland in the Health Services here.

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