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Minister Hogan officially opens new Callan Primary Care Centre


A state of the art Primary Care Centre and Medical Centre was officially opened in Callan, Co. Kilkenny last week by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Mr. Phil Hogan T.D.

Callan Primary Care Centre and Medical Centre, located on the Kilkenny Road, features GPs and practice nurses, working as part of a Primary Care Team with a range of HSE health professionals – including public health nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, community mental heath nurses, occupational therapists, dieticians and administrative staff.

A Primary Care Team has been in operation in Callan for some time but the opening of the new facility is the culmination of efforts locally to develop a centre offering a full range of services to patients in Callan, Kells and Kilmoganny.   

Primary care services aim to support and promote the health and well-being of the population by making people’s first point of contact with health services easily accessible, integrated and locally based. The Callan Primary Care Team is a multidisciplinary group of health and social care professionals in this part of Co. Kilkenny, who manage and deliver primary care services to the local population of Callan, Kilmoganny and Kells.

Speaking at the official opening, Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan T.D. said:

“The Callan Primary Care Centre has been purpose-built here on the Kilkenny Road, Callan and stands as a model of delivery of primary care into the 21st Century. This Primary Care Team, serving Callan, Kilmoganny and Kells, is implementing the HSE’s national primary care strategy. Those involved in this initiative are working on new ways of organising and delivering health and social care services. I am keenly aware of how the people of Callan and the surrounding areas have sought delivery of a facility like this to serve their needs. Many of us gathered here today have worked hard to bring about what they were looking for. It is indeed very good news to have it open, a real positive for the communities of Callan, Kilmoganny and Kells.”

“The planned reform of the health services under this Government will include a far greater emphasis on primary care services, in keeping with the principle of treating the patient at the appropriate lowest level of complexity. This Centre in Co. Kilkenny, and others like it, will allow many patients have their necessary treatment close to home and will help to reduce unnecessary acute hospital admissions.”

Ms. Anna-Marie Lanigan, HSE Area Manager for Carlow/Kilkenny/South Tipperary congratulated all those involved and said:

“Today is an exciting day for patients and clients of the HSE in this part of Co. Kilkenny. The Callan Primary Care Team is a multidisciplinary group of health and social care professionals in Co. Kilkenny who manage and deliver primary care services to the local population. It was one of the first teams to have been selected for implementation of the HSE’s strategy. Not only has this team been successful in operating as a meaningful primary care team but in the process they have successfully rolled out a number of initiatives, which have improved the quality of care to the patient and also enhanced integration with colleagues in the acute hospital sector. I’d like to thank our own HSE staff and each of the GPs in this team: Dr. Patrick Crowley, Dr. Julie McMahon, Dr. Brian O’ Dea and Dr. Jim Ryan. We plan to have a total of 16 primary care teams in the Carlow and Kilkenny area by the end of this year. Currently, they are at various stages of development, with the Callan Primary Care Team beingone of the most advancedteams. In these challenging times, it is refreshing to be associated with something where the patient can tangibly see and benefit from the services provided by the staff at the Callan Primary Care Centre.”

Dr. Jim Ryan, on behalf of GPs at the Callan Medical Park, said:

“We are delighted that Minister Hogan has joined us today to officially open the premises, as we greatly appreciate his support and that of many others in making sure that this ambitious project will meet the needs of our patients in a one stop shop environment.  This facility is one of the leading examples in the country of how a range of services – public and private and in cooperation with one another – can be available in a modern consumer friendly surrounding in one’s own locality. The people of Callan, Kilmoganny and Kells should be proud of the Callan Primary Care and Medical Centre.”

Last updated on: 06 / 02 / 2012