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Environmental Health Officer as a Career


How to become an Environmental Health Officer

To become as Environmental Health Officer (EHO) it is necessary to hold a qualification approved by the Department of Health and Children. Appointment to EHO, Senior EHO, Principal EHO, Area Chief EHO grades are all made through the HSE and are advertised in the national newspapers and on

Getting Qualified:

Becoming qualified as an Environmental Health Officer involves both academic study and practical training.

The Dublin Institute of Technology at Cathal Brugha Street runs a 4 year B. Sc degree in Environmental Health. In addition to college studies, students spend periods working in approved industrial placements with the Health Service Executive experiencing professional practice.

The University of Ulster also runs a B.Sc Course in Environmental Health in Jordanstown.

Students examine the wide and varied links between the environment and human health. Students gain experience of examining issues such as food safety, environmental pollution, occupational safety and human risk management. Students cover a wide range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Built Environment, Environmental Science, Environmental Health Management, Food Safety, Quality and Environmental Law.


Graduates are eligible for appointment as EHOs by the HSE and may ne emplolyed in other state agencies, government departments and non-government organisations dealing with Food Safety, Tobacco Control, Health Promotion and Environmental Protection. Graduates may also work in private industry in areas such as food control, environmental management and quality assurance. There are also varied research opportunities available to graduates of this programme.

There is an active post-graduate training programme including Diploma and M.Sc courses in Environmental Science, Environmental Protection, Environmental Health, Community Health, Occupational Health and Safety and Food Science at various centres throughout the country.


If you have qualified abroad your qualifications must be validated by the Department of Health and Children before you are eligible for employment as an Environmental Health Officer in Ireland.

Checklist for Working in Ireland

Validation of Qualifications

The Minister for Health is the Designated Authority with the responsibility for validating non-national qualifications. As you wish to have your qualification assessed, the following documentation is required by this Department in order to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your qualification:-

1. a copy of your original diploma/degree and a transcript of all examination results showing subjects studied and grades obtained;

2. a certified statement from the relevant educational institute detailing the syllabus of the course of education and training which you undertook i.e. subjects taken in each year, subject content, number of hours of study in each subject, type of practice placements (i.e. location, duration, supervision etc.);

3. documentation to indicate that your qualification entitles you to practice as an Environmental Health Officer in the country where you qualified;

4. details of your professional experience, if any, (i.e. name(s) and address(es) of employer(s), type of hospital or institution, employment commencement and cessation dates, title of post held, full-time status, practical experience in the profession);

5. evidence of your professional experience (i.e. letters of confirmation from your employer(s), references etc.);

6. documentary proof of citizenship (i.e. birth certificate and passport details).

All documentation must be notarised as true copies of the originals.

Allied Health Care Professionals with foreign qualifications who have not completed the validation process may not work in the Irish public health sector.

If you have any further queries on the matter, please do not hesitate to contact the validation unit at (00 353) 1 6353101 or fax (00 353) 1 6715141, or e-mail

Please forward your documentation to the following address:-

Validation Unit
Personnel Management and Development
Department of Health and Children
Hawkins House