Forms and Guidelines

To apply for a Medical Card, you can download and print an application form from this page, fill it in, and return it to the HSE Client Registration Unit, P.O. Box 11745, Dublin 11.

  • General Medical Card and GP Visit Card Applications - Form MC1
    The form most people will use is the general Medical Card and GP Visit Card Application Form, MC1.
  • Read about the National Assessment Guidelines for the General Medical Card Scheme here
  • People aged 70 and over Medical Card and GP Visit Card Applications - Form MC1A- Apply for the Medical Card for people aged 70 and over if your income is within the €500.00 (single) / €900.00 (couple) income limit. Print and complete the MC1A Form, attach your supporting documentation and post to us at:- HSE PCRS, CRU Unit, 4th Floor, Finglas, Dublin 11.

All the form are available from the list of pdf documents are available at the bottom of this page. Some forms are available in Irish.
You can also collect an application form from your Local Health Office or nearest Health Centre.

Call our customer care team at the Client Registration office on Call Save 1890 252 919 for any other questions you have about Medical Cards. They can also post an application form to you, or help you in filling in the form or making your application.


Medical Card Assessment Guidelines

People 70 years or older

From January 1st 2014, the gross income limits for Medical Cards for people 70 years or older will be reduced to €500 per week for single people and to €900 per week for couple. The GP Visit Card will be made available to single people 70 years or older whose gross income is over €500 but not exceeding €700 per week and, for a couple, whose gross income is over €900 but not exceeding €1,400 per week.

Read the Over 70s Medical Card Assesment Guidelines

If you have a query please phone Callsave 1890 252 919 or visit your Local Health Office.