Pathology Laboratory Department

About us

A comprehensive Pathology Laboratory Service is provided by the departments of Biochemistry, Haematology/Blood Transfusion, Histopathology/Cytopathology and Microbiology/Serology.

A Public Health Microbiology service is also provided by the Public Health laboratory.

Mortuary Services are also provided at Sligo University Hospital.

The Pathology Department provides a service for Consultant In-patients and Out-Patients also for primary Care Practitioners and Kingsbridge Hospital. An "On-call" Service is provided outside routine working hours for urgent requests in Biochemistry, Haematology/Blood Transfusion and Microbiology/Serology.

Accreditation status

The Histology/Cytology laboratory is an INAB accredited testing laboratory, Reg. No. 291MT, which maintains compliance with ISO15189.

The Microbiology/Serology laboratories is an INAB accredited testing laboratory,Reg. No. 321 MT, which maintains compliance with ISO15189.

The Public Health laboratory is an INAB accredited testing laboratory, Reg. No. 098T and complies with the requirements of  ISO 17025.

Detail of the scope of accreditation can be viewed on the INAB website (  

The other disciplines within pathology are actively working towards accreditation status.

The Pathology service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of staff consisting of Consultant Pathologists, Medical Scientists, Laboratory Assistants, Clerical, Secretarial and Portering Staff. All major disciplines of the Pathology service are provided to hospital medical staff, GP Practices and other health care units within the region.

Sligo University Pathology service consist of ;

·       Biochemistry

·       Haematology/ Blood Transfusion

·       Histopathology/Cytopathology

·       Microbiology

·       Serology

·       Public Health

Pathology User Handbook

Laboratory Contact Numbers
Pathology Manager - Dr John Williams 071 917 4560
Tel; 071 917 or 071 91 extn  
Biochemistry extn Haematology extn
Oncall 173450 Oncall 173440
Chief Medical Scientist 4561 Chief Medical Scientist 4562
Main Lab 4590 Main Lab 4556
Endocrinology 4141 Blood Bank 4144/4719
Reception 4142 Haemovigilance (Bleep 226) 4675
Biochemistry Fax No 4658 Dr Andy Hodgson 4458
Quality Manager 36803 Haematology/Blood Bank Fax No 4515
    Quality Manager 36881
Histology/Cytology   Microbiology  
Chief Medical Scientist 4564 Oncall 173444
Main Lab 4559 Chief Medical Scientist 4563
Pathology Secretary 4554/4710 Main Lab 4557
Quality Manager 4173 Dr Fiona Kenny 4162
Histology Fax No. 36871 Dr Kenny Secretary 2501
    Quality Manager 4434
Public Health   Serology 4159
Chief Medical Scientist 4167 Surveillance Scientist 4140
Public Health Main Lab 4558 Infection Prevention and Control 4161/4459
Media 4157    
Pathology Reception 4553 Laboratory IT  
Reception Fax No. 36889 LIS Manager 4565
    LIS Assistant Manager 36824
Common Room 4133 Laboratory Porter Bleep 188