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Nenagh Hospital


Nenagh Hospital is part of the UL Hospitals group and provides a range of services including a Local Injuries Unit and a Medical Assessment Unit.

About Nenagh Hospital

Nenagh Hospital is part of UL Hospitals serving the County of North Tipperary and surrounding counties. Under the Acute Medicine Programme, Nenagh's Local Emergency Centre has evolved into a Local Injuries Unit. An Advanced Nurse Practitionerfor this Unit was appointed in July 2013.

The services provided at Nenagh Hospital are appropriate for a Model 2 Hospital and delivers non-complex care as close as possible to patients' homes. Access for medical admissions is via the Medical Assessment Unit, Local Injuries Unit, direct GP admissions and transfer of patient's from the University of Limerick Hospital's Group. Site governance on a day to day basis is provided by the Operational Director of Nursing and the Site Administrator who work with the individual Directorates within UL Hospitals to ensure the achievement of group objectives.

HIQA QIP December 15.pdf (size 250.2 KB)

Bed Complement

  • 49 inpatient medical beds
  • 14 surgical day ward beds
  • 7 endoscopy beds
  • 6 Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) trolleys
  • 5 Local Injuries Unit (LIU) trolleys.

Services Provided

Services Currently Provided at Nenagh Hospital include:

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