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Research & Evaluation

Research and evaluation

Current Suicide Rate in Ireland

The CSO Vital Statistics Report for 2014 (released October 2016) includes confirmed figures for deaths by suicide that occurred in 2014.
According to the Report, 486 (399 men, 87 women) suicide deaths occurred in 2014. This is almost identical to the number of suicide deaths recorded in 2013 (487).  The greatest decrease occurred among men aged 55-64 years, whilst the greatest increase was among men aged 15-24. The number of suicides among women was 87 which is a slight decrease on previous years.  In 2014, the number of deaths of undetermined intent was 53, which again is similar to the number of deaths of undetermined intent in 2013 (n=56).


Suicide rate per 100,000 by gender, 2001-2015. *2015 figures provisional

The current suicide rate is 10.5 per 100,000. For the whole of population there has consistently been a higher rate for men. This is in-line with international male to female ratios.

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Connecting for Life Outcomes

Connecting for Life sets out with two primary outcomes:

• Reduced suicide rate in the whole population and amongst specified priority groups.
• Reduced rate of presentations of self-harm in the whole population and amongst specified priority groups.

The World Health Organization target of a 10% reduction in the rates of suicide by 2020 is identified as the minimum objective. The outcomes framework also includes a series of Intermediate Outcomes against which progress relating to specific actions will be monitored.

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