Welcome to the HSE Friendship Programme

Friend We Are

Ask yourself why is volunteering so important? It's about giving something back to society and to our own communities. It is about giving a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves. In Ireland we have a long and proud tradition of giving something back.

Our 'Friendship Group' Volunteer Programme offers volunteers an opportunity to enrich the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through friendship building activities and hobbies in the Westmeath area. Friendship volunteers play a vital role in reducing levels of social exclusion and isolation that might be experienced by people with an intellectual disability.

The role of the friendship volunteer is to provide companionship and friendship to adults with an intellectual disabiliy through social and leisure activities such as going for walks or cinema together, going to the hairdresser and helping with hobbies. Through these friendships, volunteers gain a greater understanding of themselves and those with intellectual disabilities.

The beauty of friendship programme is that it supports people with an intellectual disability to enjoy a broad range of activites, connect with their community, grow in independence and ultimately lead a better quality of life.