National Dementia Strategy

The Irish National Dementia Strategy was published in December 2014. Its primary focus is to enable people with dementia to live well in their own homes and communities for as long as possible, and it sets out ways of achieving this. To support the implementation of the National Dementia Strategy, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and The Health Service Executive (Social Care Division/Health and Wellbeing Division/Primary Care Division), have agreed a programme of work. This is known as the National Dementia Strategy Implementation Programme (NDSIP).

The NDSIP comprises of an agreement, within the overall National Dementia Strategy between The HSE, through the Social Care Division, and The Atlantic Philanthropies. The purpose of it is to improve the care and welebeing of people with dementia by supporting a National Dementia Strategy Implementation Programme. The programme of investment will support a collaborative and planned approach leading to improved services and a more supportive policy environment. 

More integrated services and supports enable people with dementia to continue to live at home and have better quality of life through a combination of formal and informal supports that are individualised and delivered in the most cost effective way possible. 

The programme will promote a greater focus on timely diagnosis of dementia, and on the value of early intervention, and a public environment in Ireland more aware and understanding of the needs and contribution of people with dementia.        

National Dementia Strategy Implementation Programme 

4 Priority Activities

 Funding totalling €27.5 million 

  • Funding of €22.1m has been allocated for rollout of a programme of Intensive Home Supports and Homecare Packages for people with dementia;
  • Funding of €1.2m for the provision of additional dementia-specific resources for GPs, who are the critical and initial point of contact with the health system for those with dementia;  A series of  Educational resources and a  dedicated website for GPS & the Primary Care teams have been developed to date.  Further plans for supports for the GPS & Primary care teams are well underway
  • Funding of €2.7m has been allocated for measures to raise public awareness, address stigma, and promote the inclusion and involvement in society of those with dementia.  This funding will be used to roll out a three year campaign called Understand Together 
  • Funding of €1.5m has been allocated for the establishment of the HSE National Dementia Office.   

Home care packages 

A significant element of this investment programme will focus on the delivery of intensive home care packages for people with dementia, with up to 500 people with dementia and their families expected to benefit from these packages over the lifetime of the implementation programme (2015-2018). As part of the delivery of intensive home care packages, an independent evaluation will also be carried out to measure the effectiveness of these packages. The roll out of Intensive home care packages commenced in January 2015 and monitoring of the allocation and uptake of these packages to persons with dementia is ongoing. A standard operating procedure for home care packages including for those living with dementia have also been developed and are in use.