Opening of ARTzheimer's 2017 exhibition

The 2017 Artzheimer’s Exhibition was recently opened to the public at Tallaght’s Civic Theatre .

The aim Artzheimer's is to embolden people to talk about Alzheimer’s using art and human stories to connect with people and encourage them to open up.

Social engagement facilitated through the arts

Irish woman Eimear Farrell is the founder and curator of Artzheimer’s and has spent the last 12 years researching care models that focus on social engagement.

Since 2014 Artzheimer’s has been running exhibitions across the capital, drawing crowds from all corners and opening up a dialogue about Alzheimer’s.

Civic Theatre exhibition

The 2017 exhibition is the first art exhibition at the Civic Theatre in eight years and features 20 commissioned artists working to a specific brief. It will remain at the Tallaght venue on a long-term basis.

View a video featuring the opening of the exhibition

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