Information and useful resources

This page features a range of resources including information about dementia, the Understand Together Campaign, supports available, dementia education and training, dementia Strategy and policy in Ireland and links to a wide range of national and international websites and organisations engaged in dementia activities.

Resources about dementia and brain health are available from our partner organisations including those from The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Genio, The Dementia Services Information and Development Centre and Hello Brain.

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Partner organisations have also developed a range of information leaflets and factsheets on a variety of topics from caring for a loved one to the role of nutrition in dementia.

Information about dementia supports and services is available in the Supports and Services section. This includes information about GPs, Public Health Nurses, Home Care and other options available.

The Useful links section provides a list of national and international websites hosted by organisations engaged in dementia programmes and initiatives.