Getting in early touch with services will make a big difference.

Are you concerned that you or a loved one has dementia?  Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with dementia?

Getting to know what services and supports are available is really important.

Maureen chats

We know from research that many of us fear a diagnosis of dementia, and while any serious disease is something to fear, dementia is something that people find very frightening.  Sometimes, this means that people are slower to check out symptoms they may be having, or to feel that there isn't much point in seeking treatment or support.  

In reality, getting an early check from your GP or other healthcare professionals can make a big difference. You may be able to put your mind at rest about worrying symtoms.  Or, if you do develop dementia, getting to know about it as early as possible will help you to access treatments and supports. It can also help you and your family to be better prepared for a difficult illness and to talk about whay is happening to you.  

Services for people with dementia are provided by a range of people, health professionals and organisations across the Health Services, including GPs, Pharmacists, Hospital Groups and Community Health Organisations, Public Health Nurses, and a range of voluntary and community organisations.