It’s Official - Ireland is the World Leader in Men’s Health!

Minister of State for Health Promotion launches Countdown to Men’s Health Week 2017

 Men’s Health Week: June 12th to 18th 2017


This year marks the eighteenth celebration of Men’s Health Week (MHW) in Ireland. MHW aims to increase awareness of the specific health needs of men and boys and to encourage them to think about their health and lifestyle behaviours. The week is co-ordinated by the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland, a charity which works on an all-island basis to enhance the health of men and boys.


This year’s MHW focus is ‘It’s all about HIM’ (i.e. the recently launched Healthy Ireland Men Action Plan) and the need to make men’s health issues a priority in Ireland.


Another key objective of MHW is to involve a broad range of health professionals, service providers, youth groups, sporting bodies, community organisations, employers, Churches, policy makers, family workers and pharmacists ... who can support and encourage the early detection and treatment of health issues facing men. This year, there are over 70 partner organisations working together to promote different topics during the week, and social media messaging will target diverse issues such as:


Saturday 10th June:        Top Tips for Men’s Mental Fitness

Sunday 11th June:           Keeping your Heart Healthy

Monday 12th June:         Input and Output …  Men, Food and Physical Activity

Tuesday 13th June:         Trash the Ash …  Men and Smoking

Wednesday 14th June:  One More for the Road? …  Men and Alcohol

Thursday 15th June:       Men Overcoming Cancer

Friday 16th June:              Men and Sexual Health

Saturday 17th June:        Men and Healthy Relationships

Sunday 18th June:           The Importance of Fathers to Children's Outcomes


To view the social media Posts and Tweets #MHW2017 planned for the week, visit:


Minister Corcoran Kennedy met members of the inter-agency all-island Men’s Health Week Planning Group to start the launch of Men’s Health Week this year. At the launch, Minister Corcoran Kennedy said:

“My Department is committed to the promotion of health and wellbeing for everyone and I commend all those involved in promoting Men’s Health Week 2017. I would stress the importance of health awareness, screening and support of friends, families and communities in maintaining good health.”


Despite this ground-breaking achievement, Irish men still experience higher death rates than women for all the leading causes of death and die, on average, four and a half years younger. This week we are asking men to focus on their health and to consider making small changes to their lifestyles. It is acknowledged that these simple changes might result in significant improvements. Indeed, late presentation to health services often leads to conditions that could have been successfully managed becoming untreatable.


Fergal Fox, Manager for Health Promotion and Improvement in the HSE adds:

“Supporting men’s health and wellbeing is a part of our work under our plan to implement the ‘Healthy Ireland’ framework. This week HSE Health Promotion & Improvement are working with our internal partners (Mental Health, Tobacco, Alcohol, Health Eating & Active Living, Screening and Sexual Health) across the HSE to highlight the services we provide in order to encourage men and boys of all ages to make healthier lifestyle choices.”


The high level of premature mortality amongst men in Ireland has far reaching consequences - including a social and financial impact on society and, in particular, on families.  

To support Men’s Health Week 2017, the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland has produced a free 32 page Man Manual. Titled ‘Challenges and Choices’, the publication poses practical challenges and encourages men to make simple lifestyle changes.


Finian Murray, HSE Men’s Health Development Officer and a member of the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland, states:

“Evidence clearly shows that men’s health can be improved in many significant ways - if men are offered positive choices, and are given the support, encouragement and opportunities to succeed. This Man Manual provides the information and the tools, while Men’s Health Week provides the opportunity to make a real change.”

Ireland is the World Leader in Men’s Health

Last updated on: 08 / 06 / 2017