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Leading Care II

—   Leading Care II is a Masters level programme for those who are looking for development and stimulation to rapidly improve their service and enhance their leadership capability

—   It is designed to meet healthcare challenges now and into the future and will enable you to bring about change and real improvement providing opportunities to put your new skills into action where you work

—   The focus of Leading Care II is firmly on patient experiences and outcomes, so whether you work on the frontline or you indirectly focus on patient care, the patients your organisation cares for will benefit as a result of your learning

It is aimed at those who:

—   Lead teams or complex projects

—   Lead services or systems of care

—   Aspire to be responsible for a broader role and contribute to the wider organisation

—   Would like development support to improve their leadership practices

—   Are excited by the opportunity to apply new skills, learning and behaviours directly to real-time work related improvements

—   Are willing to commit to approximately 15 hours learning a week over the course of a 24 month period

—   Are willing to commit to full attendance at all aspects of the programme

—   It is a part-time programme that takes place over a 24 month period

—   The time commitment is at least 15 hours per week

—   There are four residential sessions totalling a minimum of 12 days over the course of the programme

—   There is a minimum of a further 11 days of face-to-face engagement with your action learning set

—   100% attendance is mandatory for all face-to-face activities on the programme

—   It is suggested that you review the programme schedule located at www.healthserviceleadershipacademy.ie. If you have an existing commitment that means you cannot attend the face-to-face activities, we suggest you apply for a subsequent cohort

—   Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the Health Service Leadership Academy Leading Care II Award and an MSc in Leadership in Healthcare by University College Cork


—   Each cohort is made up of 48 participants who will be drawn from a mix of clinical and non-clinical participants, a mix of disciplines and professions and a mix of locations and types of health service organisations. This maximises the learning experience within each cohort

—   Within each cohort of 48 participants, six Action Learning Sets (ALS) of eight people will be formed. Your ASL provides you with a forum to explore the links between individual, group and organisational dynamics, in order to equip you with the practical skills to craft your leadership role, style and skills

—   The programme uses a blend of learning methods including a flexible state-of-the-art Virtual Campus (VC), residential workshops, face-to-face development and online tutor support. The programme is delivered using the following core learning methods:

—   50% work based application (where set activities on the online VC are put into practice at work)

—   35% online learning (academic content, assignments and discussion groups)

—   15% face-to-face residential behavioural development workshops and action learning sets

—   The programme is being delivered in partnership with the IMI and KPMG

The residential workshops will take place in Dublin

The programme commences for the first cohort on 16th October 2017. Other dates are in the programme schedule on www.healthserviceleadershipacademy.ie

There will be 2 cohort intakes in 2018.

The Applicant Guide for the Leading Care I programme is available at www.healthserviceleadershipacademy.ie. It contains details of the applicant suitability and eligibility requirements as well as the programme structure and assessment methods. This information should help inform you of the differences between the two programmes and help you decide which programme is more appropriate for you at this point in your leadership development.

—   2.2 undergraduate degree or above, or

—   An equivalent professional qualification, or

—   Relevant experience leading teams or services

—   Be an employee of the HSE, TUSLA or a body which provides service on behalf of the HSE under Section 38 of the Health Act 2004

—   Be leading a large team or service or aspiring to such a role

—   Satisfactorily complete the application process

—   Selection criteria will include:

—   Applicant’s personal statement

—   Applicant’s relevant experience

—   Applicant’s leadership/management development programmes previously undertaken

—   Referee form

—   Funding of previous qualifications

—   Creation of the best possible mix of participants from eligible applicants

 —   In order to maximise the learning within each cohort undertaking Leading Care II, the Health Service Leadership Academy will seek to create the best possible mix of participants from eligible applicants.  This will include having a mix of clinical and non-clinical participants, a mix of disciplines and professions and a mix of locations and types of health service organisations.  In striving to achieve a strong mix for each cohort this may result in some eligible participants not being offered a place on the programme

—   In these circumstances and in the event of oversubscription, a waiting list will be established for eligible participants to whom places may be offered on subsequent programmes commencing in 2018

In order to be considered for the programme, you must complete the application process. To do this you must:

—   Download and complete the Application Form which can be found at www.healthserviceleadershipacademy.ie

—   Have your senior line manager complete the Referee Form which can be found at www.healthserviceleadershipacademy.ie

—   Submit all your completed documentation to the Health Service Leadership Academy

—   An Applicant Guide is available at www.healthserviceladershipacademy.ie. This provides further detailed information on the process as well as additional programme information including an overview of the structure and learning methods

To submit a completed application, you must submit the following:

—   A fully completed and signed application form with all information provided including your acceptance of the Leading Care II Terms and Conditions

—   A fully completed and signed Referee Form

—   A copy or photograph of your certificate or proof of attainment for your highest qualification level

The application process for Leading Care II is now closed

Applications may be submitted by email to leadershipacademy@hse.ie

Applications may be submitted by post to:

Health Service Leadership Academy,

Health Service Executive,

4th Floor,

20-23 Merchant’s Quay,

Dublin 8, D08DXWE

The Health Service Leadership Academy will acknowledge receipt of your application by email

 The Health Service Leadership Academy will use the email address you provide as the primary method of communication with you about your application. Please ensure you have regular access to it

For those being offered a place on Cohort 1 commencing in October 2017 you will be notified of the outcome of your application by early September

 Any requests for deferrals will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  While we will endeavour to assist, a deferral is not guaranteed.

In the event of oversubscription, a waiting list will be established.

The Health Service Leadership Academy will only consider one live application at a time from an applicant. If you have applied for the Leading Care I programme and wish to withdraw that application in order to complete an application to be considered for Leading Care II, please contact us at leadershipacademy@hse.ie.

If you have already started the programme, requests to defer will be assessed on a case by case basis. We will endeavour to facilitate the request although a deferral cannot be guaranteed

If you leave employment with the public health service during the programme you will be withdrawn from the programme and no longer deemed a registered participant.