National Flexible Training Scheme

Flexible trainingFlexible training for families

The medical workforce is changing and, over recent years, numerous reports have pointed to the importance of providing flexible working arrangements for doctors. 

Prior to July 2016 the HSE National Flexible Training Scheme was limited to Higher Specialist Trainees, managed and funded by NDTP equivalent to 12 whole WTE full funded supernumerary posts, i.e. up to 24 participants at 50% of wte at any one time. With effect from the next NCHD rotation in July 2016, NDTP National Flexible Training Scheme are funding an additional 4 whole WTE training places i.e. up to 32 participants at 50% of wte at any one time.  In addition NDTP is now extending the scheme to junior trainees from year 2 BST training onwards.

The scheme facilitates NCHDs in a training programme to continue their training in a flexible manner for a set period of time. 

Trainees must be enrolled in a Training Programme under the auspices of one of the postgraduate medical training bodies recognised by the Medical Council in Ireland. 

The HSE National Flexible Training Scheme Guide sets out details of the National Flexible Training Scheme and provides information for trainees, training bodies and employers about the programme.  The Flexible Training Policy 2018 is now online and is available at the following link Flexible Training Policy 2018

If you wish to apply to the HSE National Flexible Training Scheme please complete and submit the application form which is available at this link Flexible Training Application Form 2018