Healthstat - Measuring Health Service Performance

Healthstat - Measuring Health Service Performance


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Improving performance in the health system

Health and social care services hold a wealth of information about the services delivered to the Irish public. Despite this, it can be a challenge to put a finger on the pulse of service performance. For HSE staff and managers to be able to stand over our work and to enable continuous improvement the HSE need reliable, timely and comprehensive information about how our services are delivered to those who use them. To meet this need, the HSE has designed and implemented a performance information and improvement system called HealthStat.

HealthStat is a comprehensive databank of performance information from Irish public health services. It currently provides detailed monthly results from 29 teaching, regional and general hospitals and 32 Local Health Offices (LHOs) responsible for providing health and social care services in the community.  The results are published online on In late 2009, the HSE modified services to achieve closer working between hospital and community services. HealthStat is accommodating these changes by reporting a joint view on the performance of hospitals and LHOs at a regional level in order to support the new integrated structures.

HealthStat works on the basis of measures - how a hospital or LHO is delivering services to patients, and targets - what we expect from a well performing service.  Hospitals and LHOs get marks on three themes: Access, Integration and Resources:

  • Access measures waiting times for services
  • Integration checks whether the services received are patient-centred
  • Resources looks at how staff and financial resources are being used