Occupational Therapy for Children, Young People and Adults - Cork Kerry Primary Care

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We provide services for children, young people and adults who may be experiencing difficulties or have a disability that impacts on daily life.

For children and young people, this could include:

  • self-care
  • play
  • school skills - writing and organisation.

Occupational Therapy for Children and Young People

Occupational Therapy for Adults

For adults, it may involve analysing and adapting daily activities of living to support independence in the home.

This can include:

  •  advising how to simplify dressing, bathing or kitchen tasks if these have become challenging
  •  providing small aids to help with tasks in the home - for example, a raised toilet seat
  •  wheelchair assessment
  •  supporting those who require specialist seating to sit comfortably or move independently
  •  information about services available for forgetfulness and memory impairment