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Request a Digital COVID Certificate of Vaccination

If you have received a vaccination in Ireland but have not yet received your Digital COVID Certificate of Vaccination, you can use this form to request your certificate. You can use this form to request your Digital COVID Certificate of Vaccination for your primary course and any subsequent booster/additional doses. Applying on this page will issue all certificates available to you. Please note you will not receive certificates for vaccinations received outside of Ireland through this process.

In order to issue a Digital COVID Certificate of Vaccination we need to verify your details against the details we have on file. To facilitate this please fill out all the fields in the form below completely. Please note your certificate/certificates will be sent to the email address provided on this form.

If you do not have a PPSN, please contact the DCC Service Centre on 1800 807008.
Date of birth*For example, 10/06/1983
Please make sure that the mobile phone number provided is the same number you provided when you were tested. If you registered on behalf of a child or other dependent, please use the number that was used to receive notification of the test results. Please complete this field according to the following format:*
If you do not have an email address, please contact the DCC Service Centre on 1800 807 008.

Please note: by submitting this application you will receive an updated version of all Digital COVID Certificates of Vaccination currently on file, including both primary course certificate and any booster certificates.

The lawful basis for issuing the Certificate you have decided to apply for is set out in the EU Regulation on Digital Covid Certificates (June 2021). That Regulation also specifies the applicable GDPR basis for processing relevant personal data -namely, Article 6(1)(c) (compliance with a legal obligation) and Article 9(2)(g) (substantial public interest). For verification purposes only, and in line with a formal Data Sharing Agreement, the Department of Foreign Affairs provides essential and limited verification data to the Department of Health and Health Service Executive to enable your application to be progressed. All personal data is processed fully in accordance with the principles and provisions of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. The only purposes for which your personal data will be processed is for the purpose of this application and ensuring the integrity and accuracy of Ireland’s vaccination programme. Further, your personal data will be retained only for as long as necessary and will then be deleted. The Data Protection Commission was consulted.