HSE Code of Governance

The HSE Code of Governance details the principles, policies, procedures, and guidelines by which the HSE directs and controls its functions and manages its business. In support of a cohesive best practice corporate governance infrastructure, it is intended to guide the Directorate and Leadership Team and all those working within the HSE and the agencies funded by the HSE, in performing their duties to the highest standards of accountability, integrity and propriety.

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Introduction and Guiding Principles

Chapter 1 sets out the guiding principles which underpin the Code of Governance

HSE Governance 

Chapter 2 outlines the legal basis on which the HSE was established and its governance arrangements

HSE Organisational Structure

Chapter 3 provides an overview of the HSE's organisational structure.  The Directorate is supported by a wider Leadership Team of National Directors who are responsible for National Service Delivery Divisions and HSE National Divisions Supporting Service Delivery.

Delivery of Health and Personal Social Services

Chapter 4 of the Code details how health and personal social services are delivered operationally through the Hospital Group, Community Healthcare Organisation and non-statutory service provider structures.

Integrated Care

Chapter 5 provides information on the strategic and co-ordinated approach to the development of integrated programmes of care to deliver improved patient care, improved access and better use of resources.

HSE National Divisions

Chapter 6 describes the role and function of the HSE National Divisions supporting service delivery.

Commitment to Service Quality, Safety and Risk Management

Chapter 7 outlines the arrangements in place to ensure the delivery of high quality, evidence-based, safe, effective and person centred care.

Policies, Procedures, Protocols and Guidelines

Chapter 8 provides a list of some of the wide range of written policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines (PPGs) the HSE has in place to which are essential to ensure that organisational governance in the HSE is robust and effective. The range of PPPGs is detailed under the various functional areas.

 Accountability and Assurance

Chapter 9 outlines the accountability and assurance arrangements in place which support good governance and control processes within the HSE.

Procedures and Business of the HSE Directorate

Appendix 1 describes in detail the legal provisions, responsibilities of the HSE Directorate as the governing authority for the HSE.  It also sets out the provisions regarding membership and the conduct of the business of the Directorate and the Committees of the Directorate.  To access the Charters of the Directorate Committees please click on the links below: