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The Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division encompasses the National Clinical Programmes, Integrated Care Programmes and the Office of the Nursing & Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD).

The Division is focused on bringing clinical leadership to the heart of the decision-making process with the ultimate aim of improving quality, access and value of healthcare in the country. The National Clinical Programmes (NCPs) and their supporting initiatives have been amongst the most significant and positive developments in the Irish health service.  They have changed, and continue to change, how care is delivered using evidence-based approaches to system reform. Building on the successes of the National Clinical Programmes, the Integrated Care Programmes oversee the development and implementation of integrated models of care and clinical pathways across care boundaries. The Integrated Care Programmes are focused on older persons, prevention and management of chronic disease, patient flow and children’s health. Their goal is to ensure that the health service is able to provide person-centred, coordinated care to all in a holistic manner spanning the continuum of care. The work of the National Clinical Programmes and of the Integrated Care Programmes is supported by the Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD).

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To improve the quality, access and value of health and social care through the standardisation of patient care, regardless of geography, by bringing together clinical disciplines and enabling them to share innovative evidence-based solutions in the interest of better patient-centred care.

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Role and function

  • Designing of models of care, clinical pathways and guidelines
  • Supporting and guiding implementation in the relevant settings
  • Development of innovative, efficient and evidence based solutions that can be applied on a national basis across the health system
  • Involvement in the development of key national policy strategies
  • Development of national guidelines published as National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC) guidelines as required

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The Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division is headed by a National Director, closely supported by a Senior Management Team comprising of the Assistant National Director, 5 National Clinical Advisor and Programme Group Leads and the Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services.

The Division has 3 support functions; the business management office, the portfolio management office and the office of the National Director.

These functions oversee and support the work of the National Clinical Programmes and the Integrated Care Programmes.

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Decision Making

Documents such as Models of Care, Clinical Pathways, Guidelines, etc. are initially developed by the Programmes through their working group, approved by the Clinical Advisory Group and then presented to the Division’s Senior Management Team for consideration.

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