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Influenza vaccination campaign

Influenza Vaccination Campaign 2016/2017 at Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Dublin

The Temple Street Children's Hospital Influenza Vaccination Campaign encouraged the uptake of the vaccine among staff though a far-reaching campaign.

How it works

A number of innovative activities took place among all hospital staff. The campaign began with a 'Jabathon'. During this phase almost 25% of the hospital staff were vaccinated.

Other campaign initiatives included:

  • 'Selflu' photo competition
  • pop-up clinics at locations and times designed to suit front line staff
  • peer vaccinators and champions
  • mannequin challenge involving hospital leaders and all disciplines to boost campaign
  • poster displayed on the website and photo of a long-term patient receiving the vaccination

Communications specific aspects of the campaign included:

  • photo collage displays in public areas of staff receiving their vaccines
  • link between immunisation and protection of patients messages
  • promoting vaccination and clinics using social media, intranet and screensavers
  • regular uptake figures displayed daily using graphic meter
  • promoted through daily hospital huddle

Maintaining the momentum was achieved by changing the times and frequency of the pop up clinics.

The team

The vaccination campaign was designed by the Nursing and Occupational Health Department. A wide range of individuals from all disciplines in the hospitals championed and supported the campaign.

Impact of this project

Temple Street had the top hospital vaccination uptake for mid season influenza among HSE funded hospitals and long-term care facilities 2016-17. Uptake was with 63.7%.