Building a Better Health Service

Application and Selection Process

Selection Process

Phase 1

In January 2021, the applications received will be forwarded to the relevant Co-ordinators.

Applications will then be shortlisted by the Co-ordinator (in the relevant area), CHO personnel (in the relevant area), and Hospital Group personnel (in the relevant area).  The shortlisting will be based on the application submitted. 

Approval from the Project Sponsor / Manager in each Delivery Unit is required to validate the authenticity of the existence of the project on which an application is being made.

Phase 2

The projects shortlisted for the Presentation to the Selection Panel will meet in March 2021 (allowing the team/groups/ individuals time to prepare their presentations).  The Category Winners will be chosen by the Selection Panel and 7 entries will be announced as having qualified for the Health Service Excellence Awards Final event to be held in April 2021.

The Category Winners will be chosen by the Selection Panel and announced at the Health Service Excellence Awards presentation event. 

Phase 3

The National Recognition Event will take place in April 2021. The final shortlisted entries will attend this event. The category winners and the winner of the Popular Choice Award will receive their awards.

National Selection Panel

To be confirmed.