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Awards Criteria for Individual Award

Exceeding Expectations - Outstanding Employee Award

The Award for Individual Achievement is intended to allow colleagues to recognise the broader, personal achievements and contributions of individual staff members separate and apart from any one particular project or other work product. This award recognises and celebrates the overall impact of individual members’ work and personal commitment to health service delivery and the effect they have in their work community.

Nominations should include a thorough synopsis highlighting the nominee’s career as well as describing how the nominee has shown excellence in health service delivery, commitment to their organisation and dedication to their health care role.


  • Demonstrated that he or she brings the HSE values of Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning to life in the course of their everyday work
  • Identifies contribution to improvements achieved for patient experience, quality of care, patient safety, health business processes or service delivery
  • Engagement: demonstrates strong engagement with patients/service users and/or health service colleagues in the course of their work
  • Transferability – offers work approaches and insights that could be transferred to other areas and can be used by different elements of health service delivery
  • Delivered exceptional results, produced significant cost savings or enhanced efficiency through extraordinary service
  • Supports the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion agenda by accommodating and valuing different perspectives
  • The nominee’s utilisation of unique and innovative approaches to health service delivery in their area of work
  • Effectively collaborated with other departments, or divisions on a major project or initiative that supported the health service in achieving its objectives and mission
  • Unique Features & desired healthcare outcomes: highlights unique features of their work that may fall outside the other criteria