Building a Better Health Service

Awards Criteria

Criteria for projects:  award categories 1 to 7

Projects submitted under categories 1 to 7 will be selected using the following criteria.

  • HSE Values: project teams must show evidence of demonstrating the HSE’s core values of care, compassion, trust and learning
  • Integration: we will assess the extent to which your project supports healthcare workers to work together in teams, planning and delivering care seamlessly. Your project should show evidence of enabling and encouraging this integrated way of working. This can be in hospital or community settings.
  • Experience: we will assess the extent to which the project impacts on quality of service, and patient safety and care. We will also assess compliance with Health and Safety legislation. Please identify improvements that have been achieved for patient experience, quality of care and patient safety.
  • Engagement: we will assess the degree to which the project has created channels to involve or consult with all relevant stakeholders. These can include patients, service users, staff, unions and partnership processes. We will also assess the method and tools used to communicate with stakeholders during the project.
  • Transferability: we will assess the potential for learning from the project and its ability to be replicated to other parts of the health services. To include, but not limited to, the overall approach, specific features or specific outcomes of the project.
  • Efficiency & Value for Money: we will assess how the project creates a streamlined approach to service delivery and delivers increased efficiencies and resource savings.
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion:  projects which reflect practical initiatives in supporting the HSE's Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Statement are welcome and should demonstrate components of this statement.
  • Measurement and results: we will assess how the project measures the impact of change and/or innovation within their service as a result of their project. Please include details of quality improvement measurement tools used and results captured.
  • Unique Features: please highlight unique features of your project that may fall outside the other criteria. Health based projects with specific measurable outcomes.

Criteria for an individual: award category 8

This category is to recognise the achievement or contribution of an individual colleague. It highlights the impact of one person’s work and commitment to improving health service delivery.

Submissions should include:

  • a brief summary of the nominee’s career
  • a description of how the nominee has shown excellence in health service delivery, and
  • a description of how the person has shown commitment to their role and their organisation

The nominated person must:

  • demonstrate HSE values of care, compassion, trust and learning in the course of their work day.
  • show their contribution to achieved improvements for patient experience, quality of care, patient safety, health business processes or service delivery
  • demonstrate strong engagement with patients, service users, and/or colleagues in the course of their work.
  • show how their work approach and insights are transferrable to other areas of the health service to improve service delivery.
  • Show delivery of exceptional results achieved significant cost savings or enhanced efficiency through extraordinary service
  • support the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion agenda by accommodating and valuing different perspectives
  • utilise unique and innovative approaches to health service delivery in their area of work
  • effectively collaborate with other departments or divisions on a major project or initiative that supported the health service in achieving its objectives and mission
  • highlight unique features of their work that may fall outside the other criteria