Building a Better Health Service

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Awards Criteria for projects

The following standards will form the foundation for the selection process for entries submitted by Project Teams:

HSE Values: the extent to which HSE values are demonstrated & evident: Care, Compassion, Trust & Learning

Integration: will assess the extent to which your project supports healthcare workers regardless of whether they are hospital or community based, to work together in teams, planning and delivering care seamlessly. Your project should show evidence of enabling and encouraging this integrated way of working.

Experience: will assess the evidence that the project has addressed and impacted on quality of service, patient/service user safety, and care. It will also assess compliance with Health and Safety legislation. Projects should clearly identify improvements that have been achieved for patient experience, quality of care and patient safety.

Engagement: will assess the degree to which the project has created channels that ensure involvement or consultation with input from all relevant stakeholders, including patients/service users, staff, unions and partnership processes. Finally, it will assess the method and types of tools used to communicate with both external and internal customers throughout the duration of the project.

Transferability: will assess the potential for the learning from the project to be replicated to other parts of the health services. This may include, but is not limited to, the overall approach, specific features or specific outcomes of the project.

Efficiency & Value for Money: will assess how the project has created a more streamlined approach to service delivery and delivered increased efficiencies/resource savings.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion: The HSE is committed to creating a setting whereby all employees of differing race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependents, age, physical or mental disability, membership of the Traveller community or geographic location are respected, valued and can reach their full potential. We aim to develop the workforce of the HSE which reflects the diversity of Irish society, and which is strengthened through accommodating and valuing different perspectives. Projects which reflect practical initiatives in supporting the HSE's Diversity, Equality and Inclusion statement are welcomed and should demonstrate components of this statement.

Measurement and results: will assess how the project measures the change / innovation within their service as a result of their project. Please include details of quality improvement measurement tools used and results captured.

Unique Features: will allow applicants to highlight unique features of their project that may fall outside the other criteria. Health based projects with specific measurable outcomes.