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Cork woman’s dance class injury treatment

South Infirmary Hospital Cork

It has been a long road back to recovery after a broken ankle for Cork woman Philomena Slattery.

Philomena fractured her ankle while she was teaching a dance class back in December 2019 but a second surgery on the break seemed likely as she remained on crutches.

“I was teaching a class when I went over on my ankle. I didn’t even fall but I could just hear the crunch of the ankle as it happened,” she explained.


After attending Cork University Hospital with the injury in December 2019,  she was later transferred to South Infirmary Hospital when it became clear that the ankle would need surgery. South Infirmary is just one of a number of elective surgery locations that have switched to planned trauma surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure patients with minor trauma injuries, such as bone fractures, are dealt with in a timely fashion.

“I was transferred to South Infirmary in March because the ankle just wasn’t healing properly and had my first appointment on March 19th. I had been managing my pain levels and hoping the ankle was getting better but the doctors said that it was likely that they would need to operate,” said Philomena.

“I had the surgery on May 1st and I was the only person in the place. The staff were great and I got the very best of care from them. It was all very orderly and a really lovely experience. I didn’t have to wait around for anything.

Check ups

“I’ve been going in every month for check-ups at the clinic and am now checking the ankle myself with an ultrasound machine but I will probably need a second surgery because I am still on the crutches. It’s been a right ongoing saga. I know I was unlucky with the ankle break and everything but I feel relieved that all the treatment and appointments have been so straightforward, particularly because it’s all been happening in the middle of a pandemic.”