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First Renal Advanced Nurse Practitioners at the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore

Jini Jacob and Sani George who have been appointed as the first Renal Advanced Nurse Practitioner’s (ANP) at the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore’s (MRHT) Renal Unit.

Jini and Sani, both from India, started working in the Hospital in April 2006 and contributed to the development and expansion of renal services at the hospital over the last 15 years. In that time the Hospital has increased from a six station to a twenty nine station Haemodialysis Unit, providing acute dialysis treatment within the ICU/CCU and the Nephrology in-patient Medical ward and most recently has become the parent site for the contracted haemodialysis unit located in Portlaoise.

Prior to their new role, Sani was working as the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) whilst Jini was the Clinical Facilitator for the hospital renal unit. Both completed their Masters in Nursing at Trinity College, Nurse prescribing at the Royal College of Surgeons, with the higher diploma in renal nursing from Trinity College. On a daily basis, both staff members incorporate their advanced academic and practical knowledge and critical thinking skills independently to manage the care of the renal dialysis patient group and CKD population in MRHT. They were also credited in 2008 as the first registered nurse prescribers within a renal dialysis unit in Ireland.

The role of Advanced Nurse Practice in Renal Nursing has had very positive patient outcome within the chronic kidney disease and haemodialysis populations at MRHT achieving better anaemia management, fluid management, early detection of any potential infection, preparing patients for renal replacement therapy, allowing for pre-emptive transplant work up and pre-emptive vascular access work up.

Outlining the roles, Noreen Galvin, CNM 3 Renal Unit explained that Jini and Sani are “autonomous practitioners with a wealth of advanced specialist renal knowledge and critical thinking skills in providing optimal care to renal patients.  They encourage new initiatives, promote change and development based on evidenced based research. They are dedicated, hardworking, knowledgeable and an excellent asset to the renal team and their patient group. They provide on-going guidance and educational support to their patients, nurse colleagues and the many students who travel via the Renal Unit.  They are role models for the next generation of Renal Nursing.

Noreen added that she “would like to acknowledge the continuous and on-going expert professional clinical guidance provided to both Sani and Jini by Dr Eoin Bergin, Consultant Nephrologist at MRHT who also provided 500 hours of supervised clinical practice before their appointment as Renal AN’s, the support and guidance of Ms Louisea Burke, Director of Nursing, Dr Mary Doolan, Regional Nurse Practice and Development Planning Officer,  Ms Clare Foley Assistant Director of Nursing Practice Development Co-ordinator and the renal multidisciplinary team.”

Jini Jacob and Sani George said, “We as a team could not have achieved this without the tremendous support of everyone from the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore. Since arriving to Ireland we have been afforded many opportunities to learn, develop and transform the renal services available to our patients. We would like to thank everyone for their support and guidance and acknowledge our patients who inspire us every day”.