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Fishing for fun catches on in Wicklow

 Fishing for fun catches on in Wicklow


In late June, Fishing Futures hosted a group of men from the Loughlinstown, Ballybrack and Shanganagh (LBS) Men’s Shed project. The group were given a four-hour introduction session to beach fishing on the Murrough beach in Wicklow town. The novice anglers learned how to set up gear, bait hooks and cast lines. They even had some beginners luck with seven dogfish and four sand-dabs being caught by the group. The local Community Gardai supported the day by providing transport and a BBQ.

Volunteer project

Now in its 14th year of operation, Fishing Futures is a volunteer project led by both the settled and Traveller community. The team works together to provide an angling experience to groups and individuals, particularly to those who are marginalised or from different ethnic backgrounds. Offering angling as a social and leisure activity not only helps to promote a healthy lifestyle, but it also facilitates social interaction between different groups. This helps build confidence and friendships among various groups, thereby avoiding marginalisation of members. 

The main objectives of the project are to promote fishing as a healthy social and leisure choice by teaching aching angling skills and techniques (awareness of sea and variety of fish and habitats, trace-making, collection of various baits for fishing venues, casting reeling and catching fish cooking of fish), organising fishing events at a variety of locations and providing the time and space to fish.  They provide all necessary equipment to fish, provide onsite coaching and supervision during angling events and after all that they also provide a demonstration on how to cook fish. 

The project is supported by Community Healthcare East Mental Health Services. It also owes a huge debt to Wicklow Travellers Group C.L.G (W.T.G) which has provided financial governance and storage for the substantial amounts of angling equipment, as well as rooms for activity and planning meetings.