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GP and Practice Nurse Wife out of retirement to vaccinate

Dr. Eamon Stack

A Donegal GP and his wife who worked with him as a Practice Nurse have come out of retirement to administer the Covid 19 vaccination.  Dr. Eamon Stack was a GP for 36 years in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.   He retired last year after serving the community since 1985. His wife Mary Stack, who worked with her husband as a Practice Nurse, also retired last year.

However, the couple both came out of retirement,  working as vaccinators at Sligo Vaccination Centre, at the Knocknarea Arena at the Institute of Technology in Sligo.

Dr. Stack said he decided to help out with the vaccination programme, initially in nursing homes.  A strong advocate for the vaccines, knowing that they will mean for the population, Dr Stack stated:  “The vaccines work and they are going to be very effective in reducing mortality and hospitalisations and getting us back to normal.”

“It’s been  a very long year for everyone and hopefully when we get the vaccination programme in full, the results seem very good coming out of Israel and the UK, we might get back to some sort of normality towards the end of the year,” he said.

After completing the vaccination of those in nursing homes, he is now carrying out vaccinations at IT Sligo.  

He stressed how important the vaccine was and encouraged anyone who is offered it to take up the offer:  “Everyone should have the vaccine. Vaccines are great and prevent disease,” Dr. Stack concluded.