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We know that it’s not always easy for our service users and clients to know where to turn to for guidance or support when navigating the healthcare system. They find it confusing and have many questions about our health system, often during times of emotional distress when they or their loved ones are ill. As well as this, public expectations have changed in recent years and are constantly changing in this digital age. People expect to be able to engage with an organisation directly – to ask questions, get consistent responses, and support in a timely manner. Think about your car or house insurance, even your hairdresser or dentist will send you text reminders. The ways in which the public chooses to engage directly with organisations has widened. More people are now using LiveChat, social media and email to interact with organisations to ask questions, find information or solve problems. Globally and in Ireland, phone/voice is the fastest reducing medium of communication as more and more people turn to digital channels.  

This is why we're launching @HSELive – a new multi-channel information service to answer questions and be a guide to the Irish health system.

The purpose of this change is to deliver an improved responsive customer service platform with staff who can provide consistent responses, to the public across phone, email, Livechat on and via social media. The service has been designed with the end user at the heart of the service, to provide information and signposting on health and health services for the public on a channel of their choosing.

In addition to significantly enhancing the public face of health services, this digital transformation also, importantly, gives us an opportunity to use data to drive improvement. Every contact with @HSELive signals that the public are experiencing a problem somewhere in the health system. The new customer relationship management tool and data systems will enable us to focus our energies on fixing the root cause of the contact or problem, ultimately using public feedback to drive improvements, thereby ensuring better health service experiences to those we serve. HSELive will bring a renewed focus on customer service in information provision in the health services in-line with our values of care and compassion. Speaking about the launch of @HSELive, Geraldine Charman, @HSELive Team Leader said, “We are looking forward to being able to deliver an improved service to more people in the way they want the service delivered. The @HSELive team has really embraced these huge changes and has welcomed the new technologies, which is fantastic.”

Here are all the ways you can talk to us

Callsave 1800 700 700

Livechat on

Tweet us @HSELive

We’re here Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm.