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Nenagh Women’s Health Hub improves services

 Nenagh Women’s Health Hub improves services

Being able to respond quickly to the care needs of our women is the best part of our job

Dr Naro Imcha, Clinical Lead for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, UL Hospitals, referring to the regional hub for women's health set up at Nenagh Hospital last year. 

The hub revolves around three core services:

  • ambulatory gynaecology unit
  • specialist menopause clinic
  • subfertility service

These services are being established as one-stop, 'see-and-treat' gynaecology clinics in which women can be assessed and treated following a GP referral.

Improved access to diagnostics and treatment

According to Dr Imcha, this new model of care “will improve access to diagnostics and treatment, resulting in fewer hospital visits and reducing overall wait times for women.”

Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, Dr Imcha explains how “patients are referred by GP colleagues in the community. Our doctors in the unit assess the referral so that we treat the most urgent patients first. The administrative support personnel schedule and send the appointment letters. At the start of each clinic, our multidisciplinary team meets to review the patient list and plan the activities.

“During a single visit by the patient, the team provides consultation, performs ultrasound, and delivers necessary treatments. This unit carries out minor procedures that can be performed without general anaesthetic and hospital admission. Our team works together to streamline the care and enhance the patient experience.

“We have a great sense of responsibility as women entrust their wellbeing to us. We are constantly improving by innovating and learning from best practices. Quality improvement is integral to all activities at this unit. Knowing that we make a difference to women brings about immense satisfaction.”

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