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Power of visual art on display in Waterford

 Power of visual art on display in Waterford



“Colour is a powerful tool to convey emotions in visual art,” according to Dr Darran Flynn, Clinical Director Waterford/Wexford Mental Health Services, who was speaking at the launch of murals completed by mental health service users in the south east, as part of the Waterford Walls Festival. Dr Flynn explained that the service users, under the guidance of the service’s Rehabilitation and Recovery team members, worked with Dublin-based illustrator and mural artist Juliette Viodé to produce two colourful pieces on walls at the Grangemore residential facility, located on the grounds of St Otteran’s Hospital in Waterford.   

“We are delighted this programme has enabled our service users to forge their creative expression,” he added. “This has been an exciting co-production between the clients in Grangemore, festival organisers, and artist Juliette Viodé.”

Launch and celebration

Service users and their family members, along with HSE mental health staff, representatives from the Waterford Walls Festival, and artist Juliette Viodé, gathered at a reception in Grangemore in recent weeks to launch and celebrate the completed works. With the fitting backdrop of the murals depicting scenery around the Metal Man martitme beacons in Tramore, all present were also treated to musical entertainment provided by the Waterford Healing Arts Trust.

Dr Flynn continued:

“Those of us working in the mental health services here have been very impressed by what emanates from the Waterford Walls Festival each August. In addition to an obvious and beautifully vibrant stamp on various locations around Waterford, we are also aware of the project’s artistic exchanges and collaborations focused on connecting diverse people and communities.”

In 2022, over 30 national and international artists created large-scale mural artworks around Waterford City and the surrounding areas as part of the festival, which consisted of 10 days of live art, music, workshops, and guided tours.

Juliette Viodé’s mural works in Waterford include those on the gable end of Lisduggan Library and another on Stephen St. The ninth annual staging of Waterford Walls, Ireland’s largest International Street Art Festival, will take place this year from August 11th - 20th.