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St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network launches ambitious plan

 Caption: (l to r) Prof Rísteard O’Laoide, Director of the NCCP, Prof Clare Faul, Clinical Director SLRON and Trevor O’Callaghan CEO Dublin Midlands Hospital Group

Caption: (l to r) Prof Rísteard O’Laoide, Director of the NCCP, Prof Clare Faul, Clinical Director SLRON and Trevor O’Callaghan CEO Dublin Midlands Hospital Group



St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON) recently launched an ambitious new five year plan that focuses on ensuring the finest cancer staff and a commitment to research and technological innovation to provide the best possible care for patients.  The  Network has three cutting edge facilities in Dublin, located in Rathgar and at centres in St James’s and Beaumont hospitals.

Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy

In 2011 SLRON expanded its services and opened two new centres on the campus of Beaumont Hospital and St. James’s Hospital. In 2015 SLRON was the first public radiation oncology facility in Ireland to introduce SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy), an innovative new therapy that focuses a very intense dose of radiation on cancer tumours, with greater accuracy. Typically SABR patients can complete their radiotherapy in 1 to 5 days, much quicker than normal.

According to Professor Clare Faul, SLRON’s Clinical Director, having “introduced modern techniques such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy, stereotactic body radiation therapy and image-guided radiation therapy, SLRON has ambitious plans for further development. Our new plan sets out how we will expand our clinical trials and research partnerships with leading national cancer bodies, as we introduce the latest technologies to ensure our patients receive the best quality cancer care.”

General Manager with SLRON, Jacqueline Robinson noted that “we are the largest radiation oncology centre in Ireland and one of the largest in Europe and have been to the forefront in introducing the latest novel treatments, as they have become available. Over the next 20 years, we expect demand for radiotherapy to increase by 100%, which is why our new strategy is so important.”

National SABR Reference Centre

Speaking at the launch, Trevor O‘Callaghan, CEO of the Dublin Midland Hospital Group added that “the excellent standard of care provided by the SABR team at SLRON has recently been recognised externally by the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) who have designated the St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network as the National SABR Reference Centre. The NCCP has also tasked SLRON with leading the rollout of a national SABR programme, through the establishment of a special education hub and a national multidisciplinary team. On behalf of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, I want to state clearly how much we appreciate the invaluable service of SLRON, both in terms of driving important research and rolling out new treatments, I look forward to supporting your work over the coming years.”

Professor Risteard O’Laoide, Director of National Cancer Control Programme further added that addressing the launch said,

"The NCCP welcomes the development of the first ever St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON) Strategy. We look forward to continuing our strong working relationship with SLRON, on the delivery of the National Cancer Strategy and the further development of radiotherapy services in the St Luke’s Network."