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Staff Hero Awards reflect commitment and service

 CEO Bernard Gloster and a large group of staff and management at Tallaght University Hospital. One man is holding a staff award.



“I am delighted that our Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) Staff Hero awards are taking place on the 25th anniversary of the opening of our hospital,” according to Lucy Nugent, CEO, TUH.

“We are nothing without our staff and this event gives our patients, their families and our colleagues a chance to say thank you to staff for all that they do.”

In the Patience Experience award, Larry Untoy, Clinical Nurse Manager ll, Stoma Care, was recognised for his “compassion and care for his patients” which was described as “truly remarkable.” As with all the awards, the nominations came directly from fellow staff members. They continued: “Larry is a true healthcare hero who deserves recognition for his outstanding service and commitment to his patients. His unwavering dedication to providing the best possible care and support to his patients is a testament to his professionalism and compassion.

People Caring for People award

In the People Caring for People award, Darren Doyle, Health Care Assistant, was recognised for being “responsible for the enhanced care of numerous patients with challenging behavioural and psychological symptoms on the Burkitt Ward. He goes above and beyond to understand the patients' needs and to ensure that they are always treated with respect and dignity. He has a remarkable ability to reassure patients and de-escalate situations. He also ensures that other healthcare professionals caring for these patients are made aware of what the patient likes, dislikes and what de-escalation techniques work best. He is truly remarkable and has added significantly to the care of patients.”

Unsung Hero award

Loreta Brady, Emergency Department (ED) administrator, in winning the Unsung Hero Award, was recognised in her nomination as the “absolute hero of our ED. Every day she goes above and beyond in looking after patients, doctors, and the public. She is always a listening ear to everyone in the ED, and to patients and their families who ring Loreto constantly with their queries and concerns. Loreto is kind and caring and is a gentle advocate for patients using the ED. Without Loreto's management skills, the ED would not function as well and as efficiently as it does.” 

In a tribute to Dr Rama Soondron, Nephrology Registrar, who received the Service Excellence award, one colleague noted how

“Rama has been a valued member of our department for the last few years, someone whom the renal service has heavily relied on. He is highly regarded by all members of the multi-disciplinary team. He always liaises with nurses with respect and validation of our concerns, treatment plans and suggestions. He is a kind, calm, approachable and highly skilled doctor who we all admire and respect greatly. His bedside manner is the best and he is well loved by our regular patients throughout their varied interactions with him. I know they place a great amount of trust in his hands, and rightly so.”

Mentoring award

Described as a “brilliant mentor” by a colleague, Claire Ralph, theatre nurse, in winning the Mentoring award, was recognised for being “patient and understanding. She teaches not just nurses, but nursing students, medical students and so many more staff who come through the department. She is thoughtful, bubbly, funny and has so much knowledge that she is always willing to share. Claire is a pleasure to work with, and is so deserving of this award.”

Teamwork and team of the year 

The Teamwork award went to Caitriona Whelan, Social Work Team Leader. In nominating Caitriona, one colleague explained how she was “always available to us, providing advice on whatever issue we may have. She always puts others first, not only her patients but also her co-workers. She guides us on how to tackle issues without doing the work for us, thus it is a great learning experience. When we work with her, she inspires us to be better at our jobs. She is so compassionate with her patients, she oozes kindness. She is a really great leader, the captain of our ship, guiding us, empowering us and so deserving of this award.”

Team of the Year went to the portering team. In their tribute a colleague remarked how “during a recent move the portering team showed up for a few weeks.They moved and lifted, they did everything that they were asked and a whole lot more. While they could not take away the moving stress, they went a very long way in reducing it which was greatly appreciated by my colleagues and myself. Thank you.”

Individuals who go above and beyond

Two further awards were nominated by Lucy Nugent and the TUH management team to recognise individuals who go above and beyond, often behind the scenes, which may not be evident to all staff.

The first recipient of this award was Amy Gillis, Consultant General Surgeon. In her tribute, Lucy said that “each year Amy embodies the spirit of Christmas. She attracts like-minded Christmas souls and under her direction they create the most wonderful themed Christmas tree in the atrium. Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time for many people - patients in hospital, staff that are away from home and families visiting the hospital. This was so acutely felt during the pandemic with Amy making an extra special effort as she involved staff across the hospital in creating their own decorations for the tree.”

The second CEO award was for the Scan4Safety team led by John Donovan and David Addie, Head of Inventory and Logistics and Deputy Director of Finance, respectively, for the collaborative, multidisciplinary approach they took in implementing the Scan4Safety system which gives the hospital complete traceability of items used during surgical procedures. This system has both improved patient safety and operational efficiency, and reduced costs for the hospital.