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Tony thanks carer for treating wife with respect and understanding

 Tony Barry


“The help has been incredible and it’s done with good humour and friendliness” – Tony Barry from Ennis, Co Clare, expresses his gratitude for the caring support he continues to receive for his wife Terri.

“I first encountered support when I broke my leg. Public Health Nurse, Paula Minogue came every day and dressed my wound. I had a very nasty wound as I had septicaemia.  So that was my introduction to caring support.  Meanwhile, my wife was developing Alzheimer’s – that’s what we were told it was – the doctor said dementia and it might be Alzheimer’s."

Tony explains how “gradually it became very obvious that I needed help. Suddenly I was offered a carer. And the carer now comes every morning at 11am.”

He continues: “So my job every morning is to get my wife up and get her into the dressing gown, give her breakfast - that’s the easy bit. Then the carers, they come at 11am and they shower and dress her and then take her for a walk.”

Tony describes the support as “incredible. The help has been incredible. It’s help that you can’t overrate. And it’s done with such good humour and friendliness.”

He says the carers always treat his wife “gently, respectfully and with understanding. I will get her to bed and I know she will sleep well. One major benefit is that she does sleep well. But I always know that at 11am the next morning there’s going to be somebody here."

Tony concludes: “And that in itself is very helpful mentally – to know that help is just around the corner.”

Watch Tony express his gratitude for his wife's care - Youtube