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UHL Renal Team share support for Midwest patients

Members of UHL Renal Team

With increasing awareness around kidney disease and kidney health, the clinical, nursing and allied health care professional team who manage renal patients across the Midwest have outlined how they support their patients in the region.

Professor Austin Stack, Consultant Nephrologist at UL Hospitals Group and Foundation Chair of Medicine at the University of Limerick provides an overview about  programme of care for their renal patients explaining that the programme “provides specialist care to patients with kidney disease who require treatment.  The clinical team provides multi-disciplinary care investigating and treating all forms of kidney disease. They assess and treat patients who develop advanced kidney failure. They also assess patients for kidney transplantation and, when the kidney transplant is done at our national programme, follow the patients postoperatively, in order to protect their kidney function into the future.”

Prof Stack also outlines a typical day in the working life of the renal team.   This includes over 200 patients receiving in-centre haemodialysis, a home dialysis programme, outpatient clinics and an inpatient ward.

“We also have a very vibrant education and research programme, where we are leading cutting-edge research and, hopefully, bringing new treatments back to our patients.”