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University of Limerick MedSoc donate iPads to Children’s Ark patients

Technology donation

Brand new iPads were just what the doctor ordered for young patients at the Children's Ark, University Hospital Limerick, as the paediatric department gratefully accepted a donation from the University of Limerick Medical Society.

iPad Donations Ark Thumb

There was great excitement on the Caterpillar Day Ward as the medical students dispensed the type of tablet kids were least likely to refuse. Staff at the day ward expressed their gratitude that the donation would help break up the day for young patients attending for services.

Ongoing fundraising

The MedSoc is a society for medical students at UL and organises a range of fundraising activities every year.

“We were able to make this donation through the generous support of everybody who attended or contributed to one of the many fundraising events we held over the last year,” said Patrick Moynagh, President, UL MedSoc.

“Many of us are training here in the hospital and we have learned a lot more from the patients here, including on the Children’s Ark, than they could ever possibly hope to learn from us. So this donation is just a small token of our appreciation for all the children here in the Ark,” said Mr Moynagh.

Unexpected gift

Prof Clodagh O’Gorman, Consultant Paediatrician, UHL, added: “The Department of Paediatrics is delighted and honoured to be the recipient of the proceeds of UL MedSoc fundraising this year. The surprise and delight expressed by the children who received the gifts was wonderful. It is always humbling to see these children attend hospitals so frequently, commonly for painful or long procedures, and that they usually do so with a smile on their faces. It was particularly rewarding to see them receive an unexpected gift in the hospital, which I suspect they usually associate with admissions, painful procedures and frequently bad news.

“It is also humbling to see our UL GEMS medical students give so freely of their time, energy and finances - all of which are limited - to the benefit of these child patients. They are unsalaried but they are true professionals. They are all postgraduate students and therefore have all been students for at least four years before they start studying medicine at UL. But their spare energy and money is spent raising funds, which they chose to spend on these children. These will be doctors who Limerick and UL GEMS will be proud to call our graduates!”