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Vaccination Programme at Tallaght University Hospital

Tallaght University Hospital receiving Covid Vaccine

Louise Power, Arthroplasty Nurse Specialist was the first person in Tallaght University Hospital to be vaccinated on January 5th, with the programme rolled out in the subsequent days.  Louise was vaccinated by her colleague Vivienne Dick, Clinical Nurse Facilitator, from Milford, Co Donegal.

A peer vaccination team of up to 30 nurses were on site to administer the vaccine to staff Monday to Saturday ensuring that all personnel are protected in a planned and timely way.

Lucy Nugent, CEO Tallaght University Hospital commended the team in TUH “who have worked so hard to begin the delivery of the vaccination programme. We are delighted to have been able to provide the vaccine as its been a worrying time for everyone, particularly our frontline workers who continue to face this dangerous virus.   This virus has really taken its toll on our people and services, yet despite the challenges the sheer optimism and determination has to be commended. Huge sacrifices have been made by the community and our staff.”  


Expressing her pride in the staff, Ms Nugent said they had “gone above and beyond.”

Dr. Peter Lavin, Consultant Nephrologist and Clinical Director of the Medical Directorate added that “It has been a long few months for all of us in TUH. We are very grateful to receive the vaccine, it is the beginning of the end but there is a long road ahead of us. It is our combined efforts now that will help stabilise the current COVID-19 status in our communities.”

Mr. Trevor O’Callaghan, CEO Dublin Midlands Hospital Group noted that:  “We have been extensively planning with hospitals and their vaccination teams to coordinate the supply of the vaccine and ensure all 11,000 staff within the Hospital Group can be vaccinated in a timely way.”

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