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Waterford great grandparents get vaccine

Great grandparents Nick and Marie Murphy (centre), pictured at the Waterford Primary Care Centre, John’s Hill, Waterford on March 2nd, where Covid 19 vaccinations were being administered by the Keogh Practice. Also pictured left is Dr Deirdre Plant and and right is Nick and Marie’s daughter Susan Murphy (Primary Care Lead, HSE/South East Community Healthcare)

March 2021 will be a month that Waterford couple Nick and Marie Murphy will long remember – as it brought two life changing events within two days.  March 2nd saw couple Nick and Marie Murphy, from Hillview, both receive their Covid 19 vaccine at the Keogh Practice in the Waterford Primary Care Centre, John’s Hill.  However, that event was preceded by an equally happy and equally life changing event the previous day, March 1st as they became great grandparents for the first time.


Their grandson Gavin Burke and Hazel Green welcomed a baby boy at University Hospital Waterford, marking a new status and title for Nick and Marie.  Born on St David’s Day, Gavin and Hazel confirmed that the new arrival will be called David. (which also remembers Nick and Marie’s late son David).


Heading into Waterford Primary Care Centre the next day, Nick and Marie were brought along for their appointment by their daughter Susan Murphy. Susan, who is Gavin’s mum and was also delighted to become a grandmother for the first time, is also  the HSE/South East Community Healthcare organisation’s Primary Care Lead.


Nick and Marie Murphy are looking forward to brighter days ahead that will enable them to see all of their now extended family, are very thankful for the opportunity to receive their Covid vaccine. They said they would encourage everyone to avail of it when their opportunity to do so comes along.