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A little help goes a long way

“An elderly lady I am working with is struggling at the moment as she can’t drive since her surgery and is relying on her children (who are all working) to get her to her physio in Limerick. At her last session she was very stressed as her pain is affecting her sleep, all her movements hurt, and she was worrying about who would be able to bring her to her next appointment.

When her session of exercise was over I told her not to worry about her next appointment - if she was having difficulty arranging transport on the day of her next appointment to phone me and that I would do a Home visit to her house instead (its 3 miles from my Clinic). She was instantly relieved and very grateful. I then offered her a cup of tea and a biscuit while she waited for her lift to collect her. I could see from her reaction that she was surprised at the offer and that she really wanted a cup of tea! She was really delighted at the attention and she said thank you about 30 times. It made me feel good.”