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Appreciated for her part in his care

A family member was very ill in the Emergency Department in Connolly Hospital recently.  He is 85 has early onset dementia.  He was quite obstructive and generally non-compliant, the staff felt that he needed sedation however since he appeared calm when my sister was present she stayed overnight with him to help calm him down.  She felt that the nursing staff kept her informed as to his treatment and the status of his condition and at the end of the night shift the nurses approached her and thanked her for all her help.  He became better quickly with IV antibiotics and was returned to his nursing home shortly afterwards.

My sister was surprised and heartened by the reaction of the nursing staff and felt appreciated for her part in his care, she felt that they showed extra kindness and gratitude to both her and their patient and she felt fully informed as to his condition and treatment.

A big shout out again to the ED staff in Connolly, and staff in every ED who under enormous pressure remember the little things that reassure both their patients and families.