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Charlie's Angels and the Beast from the East

Being under pressure can test your values. Here's a story from Ennis General Hospital acknowledging colleagues who asked how can we help during #StormEmma.

A ward had extra patients in the clinical room and 2 nurses working 12 hour shifts were sick.  The atmosphere was fraught with anxiety pending the arrival of the 'Beast from the East' and the logistics of delivering safe nursing care with less staff.  The double doors to the ward opened and 3 scrub clad nurses made their entrance saying 'how can we help, just tell us where to get started'.

Elective day surgery and theatre had been cancelled, so instead of going home the surgical nurses decided to stay and help out their colleagues on the medical wards.  My colleagues felt a weight had been lifted and despite the doomed blizzard forecast, 3 rays of sunshine, later referred to as 'Charlies Angels', had entered her world and the patients in her care.