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I feel part of a team

As a cleaner in University Hospital Limerick, we sometimes experience areas of work that make us feel a bit as we call it " the bottom of the food chain".  Having experienced this feeling I'm also confident every other employee, care assistant, nurse, doctor, etc has felt this as some point in their careers.  As part of the cardiology department for the last 4 to 5 years I am happy to report that I have always felt part of a team. 

Sometimes I feel like I should have been a nurse or a consultant, they make you feel just as important.  For me working as part of this team has made my job the last few years so much easier.  The staff, all staff in CCU and Cath labs that I have worked with over the years have included me in staff nights out, secret santas, Cardiology night etc. 

Thanks for all the love and good vibes.  Keep it up