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Lovely to meet warm and helpful people

Just a little THANK YOU note to the staff of St. Josephs, Mulgrave Street Limerick.

I work in an outside organisation and I arrived in St. Josephs for a meeting last Tuesday. I was running late and then realised that I had forgotten that the meeting had been moved to Catherine Street. At this stage I was really late, feeling stressed, my work phone was dead and I didn’t have a contact number for anyone attending the meeting on my personal phone.

In the midst of my distress I met two HSE staff members who couldn’t have been more helpful.  They helped me contact attendees at the meeting and one went above and beyond and even offered to drive me to Catherine Street for my meeting.

It’s lovely to meet warm and helpful people. It made my stressful mistake easier to accept. Thank you.

#Am I putting myself in other peoples shoes