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The greatest gift they could have given her

My dad was airlifted to hospital.  He never came home.   He died surrounded by his family, listening to us tell him how much he was loved and that he was not alone.   Devastating as the loss still is today, I am deeply grateful that his death was so peaceful and that we had the privilege of witnessing it together, as a family.   The staff were unfailingly discreet, supportive and kind.   Probably the most beautiful extra, kind thing that was done for us was a couple of hours after my dad’s death – we had been left undisturbed with him to say goodbye for as long as we needed but we eventually had to go home; I didn’t want mum to walk away feeling we were leaving him alone so two nurses stood outside the room until we were ready to leave and entered the room immediately so that my mum wouldn’t have to experience that.

It is, without doubt, the greatest gift they could have given her in that moment.