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All in a week's work

All in Week’s Work offers a peak of activity and focus for the Values in Action Social Movement. It is an easy and fun way to talk about, spread and live our behaviours.

Values in Action is about building a culture in the health service that promotes our values of care, compassion, trust and learning. By practising the 9 Values in Action behaviours, we bring our values to life, and create a health service that is a better place to be, for patients, service users and staff.

All in a Week’s Work: 21 October to 27 October 2019

Over the course of 7 days, commencing on Monday 21th October 2019, there will be a series of activities taking place across all areas that Values in Action is live. These areas are:

  • University of Limerick Hospital Group
  • MidWest Community Healthcare
  • National Divisions (Centre)
  • Community Healthcare Organisation, Dublin North City and County, and
  • Community Healthcare East.

We now have over 1,600 Champions across these areas who are activists, committed to spreading the 9 behaviours and turning conversations into real actions to bring the behaviours to life across the health service.

The easy and fun activities throughout All in a Week’s Work are designed to enable our Champions to engage with colleagues about the 9 behaviours and support the spread of our social movement.

By getting involved, we can all play our part in making the health service a place we can all be proud of.

Please contact if you have any questions or comments.

Some activities to try!

Appreciation Outbreak - Let’s go out of your way to acknowledge the work of our colleagues, and tell them why it matters. Can they do the same for someone else and pass it on? With a chain of acknowledgment, how long until your whole building is involved?

Team Challenge – Do4You - Asking your colleagues how you can help them becomes a habit, when we practice this behaviour together. Do4You is a fun way to get everyone involved. 

Pick and Do - Have a go at practising our behaviours with your colleagues

Shoulder to Shoulder - A little contact goes a long way! Knowing the people in our building and how we live the behaviours, helps us all to improve the culture.

After the Beep - Sharing examples of the behaviours in action shows their impact and helps others to show them too. During All in a Week’s Work, why not get your colleagues to pick up the phone and leave a story about the behaviours, after the beep?

Join the Conversation on Twitter

Tag us, @HSEvalues in your tweets to join the conversation online.

Use the hashtag #allinaweekswork and share what's happening in your team or workplace.

Join in, have some fun, and help shape the culture of the health service, for the better.