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All in a week's work

It’s two years since the health service first translated our values into specific behaviours and started a movement to make sure that they are not just words but become the core of our health service culture. There are now over 1,000 Values in Action Champions around the country working with colleagues to spread the nine Values in Action behaviours across the health service. From October 15th-21st we’re marking this milestone by asking even more people to get involved, starting with All in a week’s work.

This week is a celebration of our progress to date and a chance for you to get involved and help make a difference in shaping the culture in the health service. During this week you and your colleagues can check how visible the behaviours are in your workplace and acknowledge when you see colleagues living the behaviours.  Join in, have some fun, and help shape the culture of the health service for the better.  

Please get in-touch if you have any questions.


Check out the activities you can take part in on our All in a week's work leaflet


Get your colleagues interested in All in a week's work with our posters,

All in a weeks work poster 1.pdf (size 537.2 KB)
All in a weeks work poster 2.pdf (size 578 KB)


Watch: Pick and Do - an activity designed to spot a colleague’s behaviour of the day.
Don't forget to share how your colleagues are living the behaviours.

Watch: Make your Mark - an activity designed to see how visible are the behaviours in your workplace?
Don’t forget to let your colleagues know when you see them doing one of the nine behaviours.

Watch: Chain vi-action - an activity that encourages us to pay it forward by offering a colleague an unexpected helping hand.
Can your whole team or building get involved?

Using # hashtags and @ handles

Share what's happening in your work place using the hashtag,


Follow us on twitter @HSEvalues .  Tag us in your tweets to make sure you're joining the conversation online.

Check our group on yammer 

Join in, have some fun, and help shape the culture of the health service for the better.